The images in this body of

 work examine the future of 

race relationships, and how 

current offspring will unfold 

new racial identities in the years to

 come.  My project is called 

Human Pangea out of my desire 

to pull the two dynamics, 

earth and humans, to a 

closer parallel. Some 250 

million years ago, earth was 

called Pangea. The term means

 "all earth." 

Like the earth, human beings have

 been participating in a similar dance
only this dance is the dance of 

human racial designs. Human 

Pangaea is when races converge 

and diverge to create new features, 

hues, and identities. In the future, I 

believe, one family will host children 

with multiple pigmentations, facial 

features, and ethnic and racial 

characteristics; this, in fact, is 

already occurring in countries 

like Brazil and Dominican 

Republic, where at least

 80% of the population claims to be 

of mixed heritage.
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